Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.
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Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.
Josephine Hart (via quote-book)
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This is the most single, most independent, and happiest I have ever been in my life. And I’ve definitely come a long way from the dependent and serial monogamist who was always dating or “talking” to someone.

But I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss being held or being intimate with someone.

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This summer, I had the privilege, thanks to my mama, to study abroad in England and travel all over Europe. I promised myself that I would do my best to vlog and record my journey, thus making this epic montage of my time abroad. This video is a hefty 22 minutes long, but it can’t even encompass my experience fully. The behind the scene moments, the raw footage that isn’t appropriate for the air, are the moments that I lived for HAHA ;)

Studying abroad has been the greatest experience and chapter of my life so far. You gain and learn so much as a person: Independence, exploring different cultures, learning to navigate and use public transportation, quick whit when you’re in a tough situation and need to figure out what to do, and most importantly, lifelong friends aka family that will be by your side when things get rough. I was extremely nervous to study abroad and take on Europe by myself, but it was hands down, the best decision of my life. If you have ANY thoughts about wanting to go abroad, JUST DO IT. It’s worth every penny, every experience, and every person you meet. 

I hope you all enjoy and get a glimpse of why this summer was the greatest one ever.

Thank you to everyone in this video aka Team Suss, and anyone else who has impacted my time abroad. I am so grateful to have shared this experience with all of you. You guys are the main reason why this was the best chapter of my life so far. 

And with that…

"Here’s to SUSS, here’s to love. All the times that we fucked up. Here’s to you. Fill the glass cause the last few days have kicked my ass. So let’s give ‘em hell. Wish everybody well. Here’s to SUSS."

Okay the cheesiness is done, I promise.

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don’t be fuckin rude

This hurts my soul

That last kid in green speaks the damn truth

I feel so old right now

look at all these little brats (besides the last kid he’s smart)- GAMEBOY WAS THE SHIT.

"A piece of junk" wow I wanna slap that little boy or girl, whatever it is in the face

Is this an mp3?


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No relationship is perfect so just find the right one to go through hell and heaven with.
Mark Patterson (via saybeifong)
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Have you ever noticed the ‘Love is an Open Door’ battle on YT where people sing the song from frozen??
Watch this


but these guys where lip syncing so ppl got pissed and then 


but it gets better




much better





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Cheers England! ✌️🇬🇧 It’s been more than amazing, but we’re ready to go back home! 🇺🇸 ❤️#studyabroad #readyforkbbq #nomorefishandchips #murica #freedom (at London Gatwick Airport Gate 106)

Cheers England! ✌️🇬🇧 It’s been more than amazing, but we’re ready to go back home! 🇺🇸 ❤️#studyabroad #readyforkbbq #nomorefishandchips #murica #freedom (at London Gatwick Airport Gate 106)

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Fall in love with someone that doesn’t make you think love is hard
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Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

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I want you to feel something when you hear my name
poisuun (via ghosts)
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